The introduction of Aire-O2 propeller has changed the face of the aquaculture industry for the better. Unlike regular Paddle wheel aerators that were previously used for aeration purpose Aire-O2 is a far more advanced more user friendly technology that helps in the process of aeration!

A list of advantage of Aire-O2 clearly defines the same for the product.

  • Aire-O2 helps in de-stratifying water column in a pond that in return helps in circulation of the oxygen level inside the pond. This creates a uniform and harmonic oxygen level and temperature inside the pond.
  • The propeller has only one moving among its 10 parts this actually brings down the cost of maintenance.
  • Further the bearing of the product does not require additional lubrication does creating a cost cartel in its lubrication requirement for the functioning of the mechanism.
  • Since the product does not have any gear box therefore it does not requires the hassle of lubrication, and also the hassles of failure can easily be avoided.

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  • Its light weight structure gives it an edge over similar line of products, which are comparatively heavier in nature and requires more than one person for its transportation. But Aire-O2’s light weight allows any individual to easily carry the product from one place to the other for the purpose of aeration.
  • Aire-O2 has a optimum oxygen transfer capacity with leading fine bubble of aeration of 2mmor below making the product not only unique but also absolutely perfect for breeding of fishes and other important plants fledging to a better farming situation.

AIRE-O2 Aerator - AirOxi Tube -Aquaculture Aeration Solutions

  • The products ability to perform below the surface results in constant temperature and salinity in the water.
  • The product is made from high-tech material composite and corrosive free in nature, that are specially used for aerospace industry making it durable and long lasting, further the usage of composite material provides additional edge of adjustment in the angles of the product especially for deep and shallow ponds.

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With precision engineering, high quality made and easy installation and with the ability to perform consistently even on fluctuating water Aire-O2 is one of the most unique and quality product in the field of aeration standing out from all its competitors.

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