A unique aeration tube made from elastomeric compound

If made from elastomeric compound, an aeration tube seldom fouls. In comparison to a regular aeration tube, where a slight rupture can facilitate the penetration of biological solids inside the system, an elastomeric compound-based aeration tube ensures a 4 times protection. An aeration tube made from elastomeric ensures a good air filtration. The blower system accompanies inlet filters, which ensures over 90% efficiency for clogging prevention of diffuser media. The elastomeric compound makes a variable orifice for releasing the air supply, which has a lower impact on the transfer of oxygen or mixing capability. The design of a aeration tube with an elastomeric compound obstructs the clogging as well as the backflow, which might otherwise cause maintenance issues. Due to the high elasticity response of the elastomeric compounds, they enable a diffuser’s recovery in its closed position, if the airflow is intercepted.

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The elastomeric compound based aeration tubes have been developed for addressing the restrictions in traditional aeration tubes. In contrast to a traditional aeration system which can get clogged with sludge due to airflow interruption, Elastometer compounds found in aeration tubes intercepts the sludge back-flow for keeping clear manifold. The check valve enables the air supply to shut down, ultimately resulting in savings of cost from minimal consumption of energy. This keeps the use of Blowers away from running to keep clear the air diffusers.

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The elastomeric aeration tubes are also known for its installation convenience as there is no special manifold connections or even piping. They serve as a suitable fit for retrofit applications as well as the new applications. The elastomeric membrane’s flexibility provides completely closed diffusers when the supply of air is off. This enables for off/ on operation of the aeration tube without any clogging risks of the membranes in Sequence Biological reactor or SBR systems. The are no clogging issues in the zones of denitrification or nitrification as well. The “built in” feature of the non-return valve shall also obstruct the sludge from entering the system with the help of the membrane. Thus, an elastomeric compound based aeration tube is a perfect solution encompassed for high stocking density, high flow tubes and of-course high aeration.

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